Introducing Swim Collectibles


Our first two collectibles will be airdropped to the users that interacted with our protocol during:

  1. Our first week launched (March 9th — March 16th) — i.e. Skinny Dipper
  2. The early access testing period (March 1st — March 8th) — i.e. Skinny Dipper OGs

Collectible? What’s that?

Collectibles offer our team a chance to honor those Swimmers who have demonstrated their loyalty to our protocol. We’ve received an astounding amount of users and volume in our first weeks live and we couldn’t continue on without saying thank you to our Swimmers!

What's this cool graphic that magically appeared in my wallet?

To reward the Swimmers that used our product during its early access period (March 1st — March 8th) and first month live we have airdropped these exclusive Swim Skinny Dipper collectibles, which also come with an honorary Discord title. (Those that used Swim from March 16th — March 31st will receive their collectible at the end of the month).

How do I claim my Discord title and gain access to the exclusive group of Swimmers?

In order to claim your title, go to the #skinny-dippers channel on our Discord and interact with our Solabot. From there, we will verify that you own the wallet address that interacted with our product during the respective time frames, and you will be awarded the Skinny Dipper & Skinny Dipper OG titles to go along with your collectible!



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Swim Protocol

Swim Protocol


Please visit our new blog at: Swim provides a simple way to transfer tokens across chains via multi-token liquidity pools and Solana's Worm